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Military Abbreviations used in Service Files

'Library and Archives Canada, Soldiers of the First World War - CEF' search tool:                                                      



"Smile and Carry On:" Canadian Cavalry on the Western Front, 1914-1918


The Barrier and the Damage Done Converting the Canadian Mounted Rifles to Infantry, December 1915


MAPS: https://cefresearch.ca/wiki/index.php/Nicholson_Utility


Piping on horseback - the band of the Canadian Mounted Rifles


Battle of The Somme Roll of Honour:


Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group "The Matrix Project" index:                                                   http://www.cefresearch.ca/matrix/contents.htm

New flickr set: Canadian WW1 Shots  http://www.flickr.com/photos/46212770@N08/sets/72157635125736171/

and the 'Canadian Virtual War Memorial' search page:             


Library and Archives Canada - Circumstances of Death Registers, First World War:


Megantic Nominal Roll, June 12th 1915:



2nd CMR photos: http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/sgc-cms/histoires_de_chez_nous-community_memories/pm_v2.php?id=story_line&lg=English&fl=0&ex=00000653&sl=5313&pos=1&pf=1#30

Trench Maps: http://library.mcmaster.ca/maps/ww1/ndx5to40.htm

1st CMR's (Trooper-Lt.-Col.) David Sobey Tamblyn's book:

The Horse in War and Famous Canadian Horses (1920)


Lt. Tom Rutherford's account of Passchendaele, 26th October 1917:


and Mentioned in Despatches Lieutenant Allen Otty and the 5th CMR. at Passchendaele, 30 October 1917


Crossing the Canal: Combined Arms Operations at the Canal Du Nord, Sept–Oct 1918 



Chris Baker's www.1914-1918.net site, for a very detailed account of the Battle of Mount Sorrel; the worst day in the history of the 1st CMR - http://www.1914-1918.net/bat14.htm#sorrel

Major-General Malcolm Mercer - qormuseum.org/2016/06/03/major-general-malcolm-mercer

5th CMR book - Lt-Col. Baker, O.C. 5th CMR, KIA  at Maple Copse, (Sanctuary Wood) June 2nd 1916; by John William Cunliffe. Baker's letters, and the best descriptions of that awful day:

A Canadian soldier: George Harold Baker, M.P. ... - Internet Archive

Sgt. Campbell McLellan was next to Col. Baker when he was killed: (at "Yeep Pree / Yeeps")


5th CMR blog - http://uncle-car.blogspot.co.uk/

4th CMR site - www.4cmr.com/

2nd CMR site - www.2ndCMR.org.uk

Four modern 1st CMR cartoons by Sandy Burnett Debreuil -                                                       http://www.crowbarbenson.com/?p=839

Clearing the Dead by Peter E. Hodgkinson: http://www.vlib.us/wwi/resources/clearingthedead.html

Letters Written from Pte. Edward Currie, 623046, to his Dear Wife December 19, 1915 to May 30, 1916:


From 'Canadian Letters & Images Project':

Collection of Hart Leech includes a letter by Hart to his mother written in 1916 just before his death but not found until 1928


Letters of Ernest Mosley Taylor and Wilfrid Entwisle (Bill) Bury from Vermilion, Alberta

Ernest was killed May 7, 1916 and is buried in the Menin Road South Military Cemetery in Belgium. Wilfred was killed November 5, 1917 and is buried in the Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery in Belgium.

Letters and photos William John McLellan -

http://www.canadianletters.ca/collectionsSoldier.php?collectionid=285&warid=3                                                                                    (WIlliam John McLellan was born in Edmonton, Alberta in 1894 and was a student at The University of Alberta at the time he enlisted in Feb 1916. The collection consists of more than one hundred letters and more than twenty photographs.)

Diaries, letter, photos etc. of Ivan Clark Maharg -

http://www.canadianletters.ca/collectionsSoldier.php?warid=3&collectionid=132                                                                                 (Lieutenant Ivan Clark Maharg was born in Teeswater, Ontario in 1897 and enlisted in Brandon in March 1916. He served in France with the 1st CMR. He was killed in France on Sept 29th 1918 aged 21. The collection consists of one extended letter, his diary from 1918, and five photographs.)

A piece (and click 'William Barker in 1935 Hall of Fame of the Air feature' for cartoon) on William Barker V.C. http://acepilots.com/wwi/can_barker.html,                                                                                                              and a link to his biographer's (Wayne Ralph) page                                                                                                 www.barkervc.com  re:'William Barker VC - The Life, Death & Legend of Canada's Most Decorated War Hero'

Frederik Sohier project photographing all British cemeteries in Flanders http://britishcemeteries.webs.com/

Casualties of the 5th CMR -

Vimy Ridge Blog - http://atethepaint-canadianbacon.blogspot.com/2011/01/vimy-ridge.html

Other Grandfather's Unit - The 1st/4th Wilts on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41648334@N07/sets/72157628289021613/

And other Grandfather: http://www.flickr.com/photos/41648334@N07/sets/72157628245587431/

G.W.L. Nicholson Official C.E.F. History http://www.cmp-cpm.forces.gc.ca/dhh-dhp/his/docs/CEF_e.pdf

In Kultured Kaptivity, Life and Death in Germany's Prison Camps and Hospitals 
by Ivan Rossiter of the First and Third Mounted Rifles,(CEF). Dated 1918. 
http://www.archive.org/details/inkultur ... 00rossrich



 https://www.armistice100yeg.ca/memory-wall/my-great-granduncle-john-jamison                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Mentioned in Despatches Lieutenant Allen Otty and the 5th CMR. at Passchendaele, 30 October 1917 Curtis Mainville:-                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                https://scholars.wlu.ca/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1740&context=cmh

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