1st Canadian Mounted Rifles - In Memoriam

 "...And thrice again the wood that travestied its name of Sanctuary, where the stripped and splintered boles of once lovely trees seemed to point accusing fingers at an unheeding sky, and endlessly, the shells fell..." (Lt. H.L.Holloway)


(Banner shot from a Menin Panel by Frederik Sohier - see 'Links'.)

"...Practically all the Officers in the 1st CMR's have been killed or wounded since I left and the B'n has been wiped out twice or three times so I guess when all is said and done - I'm lucky..."  (William John McLellan, October 16, 1918)


Rather than duplicate some excellent work that has already been done, such as the site immediately below, I intend to list information in a different format, and to transcribe and supplement a document that has not been seen before - Major Maxfield's own 36 page handwritten Nominal Roll of his original "A" Squadron. beginning lower on the page. (See the original scans on the Flickr site at 'Gallery')


Link to the excellent Erik Hillis 'Canada at War' site, 'Virtual Memorial' Page 100. Click on '1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Saskatchewan Regt.)' in the 'Regiment' column for a 9-page list of 870 1st CMR men killed; click on the name for dates and burial sites, where known: The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has sent a list of 1,003 1st CMR men who died during, or soon after The Great War; so will start a comparison. (The complete list has 3,584 Canadian Mounted Riflemen of all units losing their lives.)



Missing from that list (Canada At War) are some heavy casualties from the fighting on 29th September 1918 around the Brick Works near the Arras - Cambrai Road. 3 Officers, Lieutenants J.W.North, I.C.Maharg, M.MacRae and 73 Ordinary Ranks were killed, (6 Officers and 247 O.R.'s were wounded). 

The aftermath of June 2nd 1916 at Sanctuary Wood and Observatory Ridge (known as Mount Sorrel, but slightly further north of where the 4th CMR were), is spread over the following days. The survivors were led out of the Front Line on June 3rd by Lt's Charles Donald Livingstone (KIA Oct 12th 1916) and Burns Kerweld Thomson (KIA Sept 15 1916), so I presume most of the deaths were actually on June 2nd, but recorded as later, due to the chaos after the attack by The 13th (Royal Württemberg) Army Corps (XIII. (Königlich Württembergisches) Armeekorps).

William Barker V.C., who transferred from the 1st CMR to the RFC earlier in 1916, wrote "...I see where my regiment CMRs have almost been wiped out. I always knew they would fight like tigers..."


Some Officers lists from Christmas cards and other sources. A large turnover -

The Arena, Brandon, Man. Christmas 1914


Officer Commanding:

Lieut.-Colonel H. I. Stevenson.


       Adjutant:                  Machine Gun Officer:

Captain B. Laws.             Lieut. F. H. Godson.


   Quartermaster:                 Medical Officer:

Capt. A. E. Bloomfield.        Lieut. V. E. Latimer.


          Signalling Officer:          Act. Veterinary Officer:

Lieut. C. W. U. Chivers.            Capt. Robinson.



Hon. Capt. W. L. Roblin.



                                  “A” Squadron                              “B” Squadron                          “C” Squadron 

                            Major W. E. Maxfield                 Major A. M. S. Ross                     Major J. A. Aikin

                           Capt. F. C. Washington               Capt. F. Palmer                          Lieut. W. R. Mair

                            Lieut. G. H. Bradbrooke              Lieut. S. H. Lewis                     Lieut. W. B. Caswell

                            Lieut. G. Robinson                      Lieut. S. B. Lowes                     Lieut. D. H. Rowles

                                                                                    Lieut. H. Arnold                        Lieut. J. B. Swanston

                                                                                Lieut. F. F. Montague 


Walter’s altered card, 1915?


Officer Commanding:

Lieut.-Colonel H. I. Stevenson.


       Adjutant:                  Machine Gun Officer:

                                                           Captain B. Laws. D                  Laubach


   Quartermaster:                 Medical Officer:

                                                          Capt. A. E. Bloomfield.         Lieut. McDermott


          Signalling Officer:          Act. Veterinary Officer:

                                                        Lieut. C. W. U. Chivers.                D.S. Tamblyn



Hon. Capt. W. L. Roblin.



                                     YORKTON                                  BRANDON                             SASKATOON

                                    “A” Squadron                              “B” Squadron                          “C” Squadron

                                Major W. E. Maxfield                Major A. M. S. Ross D               Major J. A. Aikin

                              Lieut. G. H. Bradbrook               Capt. F. Palmer D                       Lieut. W. R. Mair

                                Lieut. Livingston (K)                  Lieut. S. H. Lewis K                   Lieut. W. B.Caswell

                                 Lieut. Kendall (K)                       Lieut. H. Arnold                         Lieut. D. H. Rowles

                               Lieut. Lloyd DEAD                       Lieut. F. F. Montague              Lieut. J. B. Swanston

                                Lieut. Abbot DEAD                      Lieut. Graves K



S.S. Megantic List of Officers Saturday12th June, 1915



                                STAFF                                                       A SQUADRON

                             Lt-Col. H. I. Stevenson                                        Major W. E. Maxfield             

                                Major R. C. Andros                                                    Capt. G. H. Bradbrooke

                          Capt. Burnett Laws                                                    Lieut. S. W. Abbott

                                     “   W. B. MacDermott                                                  “     E. Kendall

                                     “    A. E. Bloomfield                                                     “     C. G. Lloyd

                                     “    W. L. Roblin                                                            “     C. D. Livingstone

                                 Lieut. C. U. Chivers

                                      “    C. W. Laubach


                                  B SQUADRON                                                             C SQUADRON


                                Major A. M. S. Ross                                                        Major F. Palmer

                             Capt. H. R. Richardson                                                     Capt. P. E. Colman

                                Lieut. R. W. Stayner                                                     Lieut. W. J. Bowdridge

                                    “     P. S. Strood                                                             “     W. B. Caswell

                                    “     S. H. Lewis                                                              “      A. MacDougall

                                    “     B. K. Thompson                                                      “      G. A. I. Graves


Base Detail – Lieut. E. C. Morrison




Officers. (Christmas 1916)


Officer Commanding     -      Lt.-Colonel R. C. ANDROS

Second in Command      -      Major BURNETT LAWS

Adjutant                         -      Major DONALD WILLIAMSON

Machine Gun Officer     -      Lieut. F. A. NEY

Bombing Officer             -      Lieut. H. D. WILLIAMSON

Intelligence Officer        -       Lieut. GEO. P. WEIR

Quartermaster                -      Capt. A. E. BLOOMFIELD

Transport Officer           -       Lieut. T. C. WILSON


     “A” Company                                     “B” Company


Major G. H. BRADBROOKE               Major F. G. TAYLOR


Lieut. JOSEPH O’REGAN                    Lieut. EDWARD MACGACHEN

Lieut. THOMAS KENNEDY                Lieut. R. G. SWIFT

Lieut. EUSTACE DUDLEY                  Lieut. F. S. PAINTER

Lieut. WILLIAM INGLIS                      Lieut. L. V. GRAY


      “C” Company                                     “D” Company


Major W. B. CASWELL                        Major J. P. FRENCH

Capt. W. J.BOWDRIDGE                      Capt. S. BOTHWELL

Lieut. E. G. S. GREENWOOD               Lieut. J. FOSTER

Lieut. E. J. CLARK                                 Lieut. D. D. McLAWS

Lieut. P. H. LETCHFORD                      Lieut. A. E. SMITH

Lieut. J. S. HEWITSON                          Lieut. S. W. ABBOTT


Attached Officers


Medical Officer     -       Capt. C. A. GRAVES, M.D., C.A.M.C.

Paymaster       -     -       Hon. Capt. W. L. ROBLIN, C.A.P.C.

Chaplain         -     -       Hon. Capt. T. H. STEWART


Seconded Officers


Brigade Major 9th C.I.B.     -       Capt. R. W. STAYNER

Staff Captain 7th C.I.B.       -        Capt. P. C. COLMAN

Staff Captain 8th C.I.B.       -        Capt. C. W. U. CHIVERS

8th Brigade Machine Gun. Coy.-  Capt. C. W. LAUBACH


Wounded Officers in ‘Blighty’



Lieut. A. V. EVANS, M.C.


Lieut. C. M. STEWART

Lieut. J. A. BETHUNE


Capt. E. H. COPE


Lieut. J. D. MOULDEN



Lieut. W. A. KENNY

Lieut. C. G. LLOYD



Officers. (Christmas 1917)


Commanding Officer     -     Lt.-Col. R. C. Andros, D.S.O.

Second in Command      -     Major B. Laws, D.S.O.

Quartermaster        -       -    Capt. A. E. Bloomfield

Adjutant -      -        -       -    Lieut. J.A. Wotherspoon

Signalling Officer   -       -        “    J. Paterson

Intelligence Officer -       -        “   R. Peachey

Transport Officer    -       -        “   G. A. Scott

Assistant Adjutant   -       -        “    J. W. Neill


“A” Company.                                             “B” Company.


Major W. E. Maxfield                            Capt. D. D. McLaws

Lieut. T. Kennedy                                  Lieut. J. D. Henderson

    “     R. Shannon                                      “     P. H. Gaynor

    “     W. McKenzie                                  “     A. W. Pascoe

    “      J. B. Black                                      “     L. A. Smith

    “      L. C. Webb                                     “     A. C. C. Bloomfield


“C” Company.                                             “D” Company.


Capt. E. J. Clark, M.C.                           Lieut. C. H. Gunn

Lieut. J. S. Hewetson                                  “     J. G. B. Coyne

    “     J. C. Ross                                          “    T. E. Greer

                                                                     “    A. P. MacMillan


Officers Attached.


Capt. J. H. Ferguson, C.A.P.C.      Capt. J. S. Hudson, C.A.M.C.

Hon. Capt. T. H. Stewart, Chaplain.


Officers absent from Unit.


         On Leave--                                                In Hospital (Wounded)—


Major D. Williamson                                       Capt.  J. O’Regan, M.C.

                                                                          Lieut. G. A. Cook

     On Command --                                               “     R. W. Moir

                                                                              “     G. C. Davidson

Capt. C. G. Lloyd                                                 “      R. T. Cook 

Lieut. A. Petherick                                                       In Hospital—

    “     E. MacGachen                                        Major G. H. Bradbrooke, M.C.

    “     A. C. Clendening                                         “    F. G. Taylor, D.S.O.

    “     W. A. Kenny                                           Capt.  E. G. S. Greenwood.

The underlined text (not the links) is to show where words are crossed out in the original, as using 'strike through' makes them hard to read. Some of the 'missing' at Hooge (June 2nd 1916) show up on memorials, others don't, so I presume they were taken prisoner. I will add bracketed notes as I find details. Please let me know any corrections; some script is hard to decipher - the uncrossed 't's for example can be a puzzle.

"A" Squadron.

1914 - 1915 - 1916 -                            

1st Canadian Mounted Rifles.

Canadian Expeditionary Force

Nominal Roll



(Name, medals, rank / regimental number, age, married or single, next of kin / address, /where born, casualty status/transferred)

Walter E Maxfield, D.S.O, C.D. Major 34/38. S.  Mrs.F.S.Maxfield, 73 Devizes Road, Salisbury /Eng. Wounded  Ypres 31/3/16                    

George Howard Bradbrooke D.S.O, M.C. Captn. 43. M.  Mrs.D.J.Bradrooke, Yorkton, Sask. /Eng. Wounded Vimy & Cambrai.                    

Cyril Geoffrey Lloyd. Lieut. 28. S.  C.H.Lloyd, Morden, Man. /Canada. Wounded Hooge.                                                                             

Charles Donald Livingstone. Lieut. 41.S.  Mr.Hugh Livingstone, Black Brook, North Sydney.N.S./Can. Killed Somme.                                                      http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigadore/sets/72157602987383952/with/2113272075/                                            

Samuel Walter Abbott. Lieut. 37. S.  Miss C.E.Abbott, Rathmichael Shankhill Co.Dublin /Ireland. WD: Vimy                                                         

Ernest Kendall, M.C. Lieut. 34. M.  Mrs.L.E.Kendall,  9 Mayfair Apts, Winnipeg  20 Richmond Avenue Merton Park London SW /Eng. Killed Somme Sept. 1916    

Davies. Lieut. 22. S.  Medicine Hat: Alberta. Canada. /Can. Missing  Hooge, Killed.                                                             

Geoffrey John Joseph Graves. Lieut. 22. S.  Miss Graves, 12 Zion Hill, Bath  /Eng. Killed Ypres March 18th/16                                   

Andrew Laidlaw. S.S.M. 1201 / 106338. 33. S.  Mrs.J.Laidlaw, Summerbury, Sask. /Scotland. Killed Somme Sept:15th               

George Harry Gilbert, M.C, Military Medal. SQMS. 1202 / 106246. 33. M. Mrs.G.H.Gilbert, Yorkton, Sask. /Eng.        

Frank, M. Wheatley Far Sgt  (Farrier Sergeant). 1203. 37. S.  P.O.Wheatley, Seaford, Sussex. /Eng. To Staff.                                           

Thomas B. Marshall. Sgt. 1204 / 106384. 34. S.  Mrs.A.Marshall, c/o Jas.Marshall Surbiton, Surrey /Eng. WD:Hooge, D.of W. Somme Oct.9th.  

Charles James Myles. Sgt. 1205. 25. S.  J.A.Myles, Lyleton, Man. /Can. Commissioned.

Joseph O'Regan, M.C. (Capt) Sgt. 1206 / 106468. 29. S.  Owen O'Regan, Sussex, N.B. /Can. Wounded Somme 9/16.

Charles James Slade. Sgt. 1207 / 106557. 26. S.  F.Slade, Hammersmith, London, Eng. /Eng. Died 1958 B.C.

John Biller, D.S.M. Sgt. 1208 / 106648. 37. M.  Mrs. Olive Biller, Ellisboro' Sask. /Eng. Killed Hooge June 2nd/16.             

James Sharp. Sgt. 1210 / 106547. 27. S.  A.Sharp, Burketon, Ont. /Scot. Killed Hooge June 2nd.                                    

Albert Blundell. 1211 / 106094. 35. Widr. (Widower)  Mrs.A.Blundell, Maple Creek, Sask. /Eng. Transferred to Staff.

Arthur Gambrell. 1213 / 106238. 35. Wdr.  F.Gambrell, Borlington Blaine, Kent, Eng. /Eng. Missing Hooge.                       

Edward Whittingham. Cpl. 1214 / 106620. 28. S.  Mrs.A.Whittingham, 35 Pennethorne Rd, Peckham, S.E. /Eng. Wounded Vimy    Invalided England.

Richard Sidney Pike. Cpl. Sgt. 1215 / 106492. 23. S.  R.C.Pike, 29 Regent St, Clifton, Bristol. /Eng. Invalid Eng.

Claude Arnold. Pte. 1216 / 106059. 25. S.  K.Arnold, 37 Feston Rd, Southsea, Hants. /Eng. Killed Hooge.

Albert Leopold Alexander. Pte. 1217 / 106055. 27. M.  G.D.Horman, Maple Creek, Sask. /Eng. WD: Hooge.

William Beattie. Pte. 1218 / 106079. 29. S.  G.R.Beattie, 447 Cumberland Ave, Winnipeg. /Can. Missing Hooge. Prisoner Hooge.

George James Bromley. Pte. 1219 / 106107. 29. S.  Mrs.A.Bromley, Shrewsbury, Salop. /Eng. Wounded, Prisoner Hooge.

Harold R. Bloomfield. Pte. 1220. 26. S.  G.R.Bloomfield, College Rd, Reading, Berks. /Eng. Left at Base, Shorncliffe.

Francis Bradbrook. Pte. 1221 / 106101. 19. S.  Mr.Bradbrook, Blitchley, Bucks, Eng.  /Eng. Transferred to Signallers. 3rd DIV:SIG.Coy:

Thomas Frederick Burridge. Cpl. 1222 / 106116. 32. S.  Mrs.E.Burridge, 48 Stanstead Rd, Forest Hill, London. /Eng. Killed. Wounded, Prisoner Hooge.

Arthur J. Blackwell. Pte. 1223 / 106089. 19. S.  A.H.Blackwell, Yorkton, Sask. /Can. To Salvage Corps. WND Hoo, Somme Sept:15th.

H. St John Becher. Pte. L/Cpl. 1224 / 106080. 25. M.  Mrs.G.C.Becher, Regina, Sask. /Eng. Commissioned R.F.A. (R.F.C?)

Raymond Bolton. L/Cpl. 1225. 26. S.  C.J.Bolton, Maple Creek, Sask. /U.S.A. sick, left at Base, Shorncliffe.

John Albert Brodie. Pte. 1227. 27. S.  Mrs.M.E.Brodie, Veregin, Sask. /Can. Died Brandon.

Norman Bracewell. Pte. 1228 / 106100. 22. S.  W.H.Bracewell, Chortham, Nr. Canterbury, Eng. /Eng. Wounded Ypres.

James Critchelow. Pte. 1229 / 106168. 22. S.  Mrs.M.Critchelow, Leek, Staffs, Eng. /Eng. Wounded Hooge May June 2nd.

Godfrey E.N. Cotterill. Pte. 1230. 27. S.  E.N.Cotterill, 8 Colville Sq, Bayswater, London, Eng. /Eng. Commissioned in Imperial Force.

Frank Cryer. Pte. 1231 / 106172. 23. S.  Mrs.K.Cryer, Manchester, Eng. /Eng. Missing Hooge. Wounded Somme.

Albert Victor Carfagni. Pte. 1232 / 106125. 26. S.  S.A.Carfagni, Paris, France. /Switzerland. Transferred to Reg: Staff.

Andrew Coulter. Pte. 1233 / 106161. 29. S.  J.Coulter, Lamarghe, Lanark, Scot. /Scot. Killed Ypres.                                

David Cullen. Pte. 1234 / 106174. 24. S.  J.Cullen, Lockville, N.B. /Can. Wounded Hooge.

James Andrew Coutts. Pte. 1235 / 106163. 25. S.  Mrs.A.Coutts, Egerton, Ont. /Can. Missing Hooge. Wounded Hooge.

Edward Court. Pte. 1236 / 106162. 29. S M.  J.A.Court, 6 Cadogan Rd, Surbiton, Surrey. /Eng. Missing Killed Somme.     

Vinard Conn. Pte. 1237 / 106151. 30. S. J.Conn, Pambrun, Sask. /Can. WD: Dec 4th/15. Prisoner Hooge.

William Comstock. Pte. L/Cpl. 1238 / 106148. 21. S.   J.V.Comstock, Aneroid, Sask. /U.S.A. Killed Hooge.                     

Albert Edward Crust. Pte. 1239 / 106171. 25. S.  Mr.A.Crust, 63 Cadworth Rd, Willesboro, Ashford, Kent. /Eng. Missing Hooge.

Frederick Connibeare. Pte. 1240 / 106149. 28. S.  Mrs.E.Connibeare, Flaxpool, Crowcombe, Somerset, Eng. /Eng. To Signals.

Charles Durrant. Pte. 1241 / 106206. 27. S.  H.Durrant, Lowestoft, Eng. /Eng. Missing Hooge. 

Harold Gilbert Daae. Pte. 1242 / 106177. 21. S.  H.Daae, Bromhead, Sask. /U.S.A. Missing Hooge.

Thomas George Dunne. Pte. 1243. 28. S.  Mrs.A.Dunne, 50 Douglas Rd, Herne Bay, Kent. /Eng. Sick, left at Sewell Camp.

Jay Miller Doolittle. Pte. 1244 / 106200. 22. S.  J.Doolittle, Qu'appelle, Sask. /Can. Killed Hooge.                                    

Edwin Frederick Everest. Pte Signlr. 1245 / 106216. 21. S.  Mre.E.F.Everest, Beaverdale P.O, Sask. /Can. To Signallers.

Robert Forsythe. Pte. 1246 / 106235. 22. S.  J.Forsythe, 8 Devon St, Glasgow. /Scot. Killed Hooge.

Alan Fraser. Pte. 1247. 22. S.  Jas.Woods, Lascelles, Que. /Scot. Sick, left at Base, Shorncliffe.

Richard Fitzgerald. Pte. 1248. 23. S.  E.Fitzgerald, Ceylon, Sask. /Can. Left at Base.

Bruce Wellington Fairbairn. L/Cpl. 1249 / 106217. 25. S.  Mrs.G.Fairbairn, Centerwell, Sask. /Can. Missing Hooge. (Killed)             

William Layton Ford. Pte. 1250 / 106229. 23. S.  Mrs.W.Ford. Whitneyville, N.B. /Can. Killed Hooge.                                

Enoch Goodair. Pte. 1251 / 106249. 27. S.  J.Goodair, Crigglestone, Wakefield, Yorks. /Eng. Missing Hooge. Sick, Trans. Eng.

John Gunn. Pte. 1252 / 106262. 31. S.  J.Gunn Sen., Whitesand, Sask. /Can. Prisoner Hooge WND.

John L. Graham. 1253 / 106254. 22. S.  J.Graham, St. Marks, Man. /Can. Missing Hooge.                                                                           (James Graham?)

Henry Richard Gray. Pte. 1254. 26. S.  R.Gray, East Stoke, Newark on Trent, Notts. /Eng. Commissioned.

Edward John Hogan. Pte. 1255 / 106291. 29. S.  E.Hogan, Millbrook, Ont. /Can. Missing Hooge.                                        

John A. Keenan. Pte. 1256 / 106327. 27. S.  Mrs.P.L.Keenan, Swift Current, Sask. /Eng. Killed Hooge.

Alfred Bedford Howell. Pte. 1257 / 106300. 27. S.  Mrs.F.J.Howell, Herne Bay, Kent, Eng. /Eng. W.D. Hooge. W.D. Somme Hill 60.

William Harmers. Pte. 1258. 30. S.  Mrs.D.Starr, 6 Whitefriars Rd, Hastings. /Eng.

                                        "F 'em all"                               (I don't think he's referring to his men)

Reginald Horncastle. Pte. 1259 / 106296. 25. S.  R.D.Horncastle, Victoria Ave, Hull, Eng. /Eng. Transferred 3rd DIV:SIG:Coy

Thomas Healy. Pte. 1260 / 106278. 28. S.  J.J.Healy, Sturgis, Sask. /U.S.A. Killed Hooge.                                             

Crit James Holland. Pte. 1261 / 106293. 21. S.  W.J.Holland, Cadillac, Michigan. /U.S.A. WD. Somme.

Ewart M. Hallsmith. Cpl. 1262 / 106264. 21. S.  H.Hallsmith, 8 Victoria Ave, Finchley, London. /Eng. Wounded Ypres March 30/16. Killed Escaupont Oct 1918. http://data2.collectionscanada.ca/e/e046/e001125539.jpg (War Diary entry)

Henry Hobeon. L/Cpl. 1263. 24. S.  G.F.Hobeon, Tulse Hill, London. /Eng. Sick, left at Base Shorncliffe.

Herbert Victor Hughes. Pte. 1264 / 106301. 26. S.  Dr.Hughes, Mongewell, Wallingford, Eng. /Eng. To 7th B.D.G.E. Signallers.

Hubert Horseman. Pte. 1265 / 106297. 24. S.  Jim Horseman, Stratford on Avon, Warwick, Eng. /Eng. Wounded Hooge Hill 60.

John Harper. Pte. 1266 / 106270. 22. S.  J.Harper Sen. Kamsack, Sask. /Scot. Prisoner W.D. Hooge.

Victor Johnson. Pte. 1267 / 106317. 26. S.  A.Johnson, Oxbow, Sask. /Can. Wounded S. Wounded 20th Dec.

Henry Illingworth. QMS. Cpl. 1268 / 106309. 29.M. Mrs.H.Illingworth, Regina, Sask. /Eng.

William Jones. Pte. 1269 / 106323. 23. S. A.Bartley, 54 Thomson St, Pillston, Staffs. /Eng. Wounded Somme Sept 16/16 Missing June 2nd.

Walter Johnson. Pte. 1270 / 106320. 21.S.  V.J.H.Johnson, MacNutt, Sask. /Iceland. Missing June 2nd.

John Edward Looker. Pte. 1271 / 106368. 41. Wdr.  Mrs.G.Barker, Oakshella, Sask. /Can. Wounded Somme.

Alexander Lauder. Pte. 1272 / 106345. 24. S.  Mrs.C. Robert Lauder, Burnmouth, Berwickshire. /Scot. Wounded Somme Sept 1916.

William J. Lait. Pte. 1273 / 106340. 19. S. J.J.Lait, Medicine Hat, Alta. /Can. Killed Hooge.

John Thomas Lindsay. Pte. 1274 / 106365. 30. M.  Mrs.J.I.Lindsay, Moosomin, Sask. /Eng. Killed.                                 

Milton Langstaff. Pte. 1275 / 106342. 19. S.  Wm.Langstaff, Lanark, Ont. /Can. Missing Somme.

Herbert W. Luck. L/Cpl. 1276 / 106373. 28. S.  Mrs.C.Luck, Somerset Rd, Tunbridge Wells., Kent. /Eng. Killed Somme.    

Angus Barton Love. Pte. 1277 / 106370. 21. S. F.C.Love, Saltcoats, Sask. Killed Hooge.

Thomas Muckersie. Military Medal. Pte. 1278 / 106415. 27. S.  Mrs.J.Muckersie, 94 Taylor St, Abeshill, Methill, Fifeshire. /Scot. WD Messines 1915.

Ruby Harold Morton. Cpl Signlr. 1279. 28. S.  Mrs.W.W.Morton, 102 Tollington Rd, London, Eng. /Eng.

William Marr. Pte. 1280 / 106381. 39. M.  Mrs.W.Marr, Estevan, Sask. /Scot. Wounded at Hill 63 Dec:8th/15.

Alec Stanley Martin. Pte. 1281 / 106386. 21. S.  C.Martin, Bristol, Eng. /Eng. Wounded Wulverghiem. Missing H(ooge).

Norman J. Morris, M.M. Cpl. 1282 / 106406. 24. S.  Mrs. Sarah Morris, 136 Gordon Rd, Beckenham, Kent. /Eng. Wounded Somme.

John McDonald. Pte. 1283 / 106488. 27. S.  H.Magennis, Grand View, Man. /Can. WD. Somme. england.

Alexander McKay. Pte. 1284. 25. S.  M.J.McKay, Loch Alsh, Ont. /Can.

John MacLachlan. Pte. 1286 / 106441. 20. S.  Peter MacLachlan, Treherne, Man. /Can. Killed Somme.

Chester Thomas Newton. Pte. 1287 / 106456. 33. S.  N.Newton, Sutton, Que. /Can. 3rd DIV Salvage Corps.

Frank Clifford Nash. Pte. 1288 / 106451. 19. S. M.  F.H.Nash, Coven, Wolverhampton, Eng. /Eng.

James Newton. Pte. 1289 / 106457. 27. S.  N.Newton, Grimbsy, Ont. /Can.

Edward Victor Pearce. Pte. 1290. 20. S.  Mrs.H.E.Pearce, "Riverlea", Taplow, Bucks. /Eng. Wounded Somme 1916. Transfd to Base Detail.

Thomas Gyngell Pearce. Pte. 1291 /106482. 30. S.  Mrs.H.E.Pearce, Riverlea, Taplow, Bucks. /Eng. WND Vimy.

Henry Payne. Pte. 1292 / 106478. 25. S.  Mrs.S.Payne, Haunton, Nr. Tamworth, Staffs. /Eng. Wounded Somme 6 oct:/16

Herbert Childs Pearce. Pte. 1293 / 106480. 22. M.  Mrs.H.C.Pearce, Swift Current, Sask. /Eng. Wounded H. Wounded Somme.

Cecil Owen Papps. Pte Trumptr. 1294. 21. S.  Mrs.E.Papps, Salisbury, Eng. /Eng. deserted at Shorncliffe/15.

Richard Rusk. Pte. 1295 / 106529. 18. S.  W.Rusk, Gainsboro', Sask. /Can. Killed Somme.                                            

Bertram Ryder. L/Cpl Tmptr. 1296 / 106532. 20. S.  J.Ryder, Harcourt Rd, Ashton-on-Mersey, Eng. /Eng. Died Brandon.   

William Nelson Reilley. Pte. 1297 / 106506. 39. S.  Mrs.J.M.Adams, Heward, Sask. /Can. Missing H.

Mark Simpson. Pte. 1298 / 106555. 30. S.  Mrs.J.Simpson, Dolton, Nr. Furness, Eng. /Eng. Missing H.                           

Lewis Stovin. Pte. 1299. 24. S.  I.G.Stovin, R.N. Barracks, Chatham, Eng. /Eng.

George Sargent. L/Cpl. 1300 / 106536. 22. S.  W.Sargent, Foam Lake, Sask. /Eng. Killed Ypres.                                     

James Simpson. Pte. 1301. 23. S.  C.Simpson, 21 Rutherblen Rd, Glasgow. /Scot. Dischgd. Med. Unfit. May 11/15.

Albert Sitch. Pte. 1302 / 106556. 21. S.  John Sitch, 24 Bromfield Rd, Gosforth, Newcastle-on Tyne. /Eng. Wounded Hooge.

Walter Chaplin Scarr. Pte. 1303 / 106537. 30. S.  Mrs.A.D.Hainworth, @Woodlands@, Warwick, Eng. /Eng. Killed Hooge. 

Onnie Charles Steinhoff. 1304 / 106566. 23. S.  G.Steinhoff, Oil Springs, RR2, Ont. /Can. Discharged not wanted. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=249661&interval=20&&PHPSESSID=e56iun49r3l473nu015

George Samuel Shanks. 1305 / 106546. 21. S.  Mrs.C.Shanks, 437 Douglas Ave, St. Johns, N.B. /Can. WD Hooge. Killed Amiens.

John Tough. Pte. 1306 / 106592. 29. S.  J.Tough, Kennay, Aberdeenshire. /Scot. Missing H. Prisoner H.

Charles Thomson. Pte. 1307 / 106589. 19. S.  J.M.Thomson, Indian Head, Sask. /Can. Killed H. Died Pris: of War.          

William Frederick Vittie. Sgt. 1308 / 106599. 34. S.  Miss G.Vittie, 500 Guy St, Montreal, Que. /Can. Killed Hill 60.           

John Alfred Webb. Pte. 1309 / 106609. 34. S.  Mrs. E.Willsdon, Whitney St, Burford, Oxon. /Eng. WD Hill 60.

Richard Whatnell. Pte. 1310 / 106612. 18. S.  Mrs.R.J.Whatnell, 101 Mair Rd, Highfield, Leicester. /Eng. Sick England. +

John Churchill Wright. Pte. 1311 / 106643. 21. S.  Mrs.J.C.Wright, London, Eng. /Eng. Sick England.

Walter B. Willescroft. Pte. 1312 / 106631. 26. S.  A.Willescroft, Moosomin, Sask. /U.S.A. Wounded H. Wounded Somme.

Raymond Tennant. Pte. 1313 / 106587. 20. S.  J.F.Tennant, Sec.D, Fort Garry Court, Winnipeg. /Can. Killed Messines Dec 5th/15.

Alexander Ferguson. Pte. 1314 / 106220. 32. S.  Mrs.A.Ferguson, Dunleath, Sask. /Can. Missing H. Prisoner WD.

Edgar William Love. Pte. 1315 / 106371. 30. S.  Mrs.E.H.Love, Fore St, Chard, Somerset. /Eng. Missing Somme.            

Edward Lingen Burton. Pte. 1316 / 106117. 40. M.  Mrs.C.S.Burton, Overnoons, Petworth, Sussex, Eng. /Eng. Killed Vimy.

Thomas Fraser Bryan. Pte. 1317 / 106112. 21. S.  Mrs.J.Bryan, 105 Douane Terrace Rd, Dublin, Ireland. / Ireland. Wounded.

Angus Morrison. L/Cpl. 1318 / 106405. 30. S.  C.Morrison, Barbas, Rossshire. /Scot. Killed Vimy.

John McDonald. Pte. 1319 / 106417. 33. S.  D.McDonald, Auld Illery, Loch Maddy, Scotland. /Scot. Wounded Somme.

Ernest Harvey. Pte. 1320 / 106276. 22. S.  Mrs.Harvey, Stornoway, Sask. /Can. Missing Somme.                                   

William Albert Lauder. Pte. 1321 / 106346. 27. M.  Mrs.Lauder, Barnmouth, Berwickshie. Missing H, WD,

Frank James Ryan. Pte. 1322 / 106531. 21. M.  J.Ryan, Bangor, Sask. /Can. Prisoner, Wounded.

Samuel Lewis. Pte. 1323 / 106359. 24. S.  R.Lewis, So. Creek, Fakenham. /Eng. Killed Hooge.

Alex McQueen. Pte. 1324. 25. M.  Mrs.H.M.McQueen, Churchbridge, Sask. /Can. Base D(etail) Shorncliffe.

John McLeod. Pte. 1325 / 106444. 21. S.  A.McLeod, Stornoway, Sask. /Scot. Wounded Messines Dec 5th/15.

Murdock McLeod. Pte. 1326 / 106446. 22. S.  K.McLeod, Stornoway, Sask. /Scot. Killed Messines Dec 5th/15.                

George Davidson. Pte. 1327 / 106179. 29. S.  G. Davidson, Longside, Aberdeenshire. /Scot. Missing H.                


Eric Whiteley. Pte. 1329 / 106619. 21. S.  A.Whiteley, Gladwyn, Sask. /Eng. Killed Somme Sept 15/16.                          

Russell A. Bennett. Pte. 1331 / 106084. 20. S.  E.Bennett, Elfros, Sask. /Can. Missing Hooge.                                       

Andrew Waugh Swanston. Pte. 1332 / 106580. 27. S.  W.M.Swanston, Jedbor', Rockboroshirw. /Scot. TS To Farriers.

George Neil. Pte. 1333 / 106452. 27. S.  J.Neil, Rokeby, Sask. /Scot. Wounded Somme Oct:1916.

Arthur R. Button. Pte. 1334 / 106120. 22. S.  G.Button, William St, Herne Bay, Eng. /Eng. To 7th B.D.G.E: T. to Police.

Thomas Gordon Thornton. Pte. 1335 / 106590. 22. S.  J.Thornton, Longwood Ave, Dublin. /Ireland. Killed Vimy.               

James McGillivray. Pte. 1336 / 106429. 23. S.  J.G.McGillivray Sen. 70 High St, Forres, Morayshire. /Scot. Saddler.

John Dougan Maxwell. Pte. 1337 / 106391. 25. S.  Wm.Maxwell, Dereham Hall, Co. Durham, Eng. /Scot. Wounded Hooge.

William Wm Everest Johnson. Pte. 1338 / 106318. 20. S.  H.J.Johnson, Binscarth, Man. /Can.

William Lewis Johnson. Pte. 1339 / 106319. 20. S.  W.L.Johnson, Binscarth, Man. /Can. Missing H.                                 http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem/Detail&casualty=1593425

Charles Stewart McPhail. Pte. 1340. 21. S.  Mrs.A.Barkley, 52 Thomson St, Pillston, Staffs. /Eng. Discharged. Discharge Purchased June 4/15. Discharged June 4th.

David Hunter. Pte. 1341 / 106305. 29. S.  A.W.Hunter, Elfros, Sask. /Scot. Missing H, WD Somme 15/8/16.

William Gordon. Pte. 1342 / 106253. 21. S.  Mrs.H.R.Richardson, Yorkton, Sask. /Scot. Wounded 10/16.

William Harry Laidlaw. Pte, Capt. 1343 / 106339. 27. S.  Mrs.Jno.Laidlaw, Summersbury, Sask. /Can. Wounded Hooge March 27/16.

Frank Bucknum. Pte. 1344 / 106113. 24. S.  Mrs.A.Bucknum, Springside, Sask. /U.S.A. Killed Ypres.                               

William Isaac Bucknum. Pte. 1345 / 106114. 26. S.  Mrs.A.Bucknum, Springside, Sask. /U.S.A. Killed Ypres.

Ian McDougall Stewart. Pte. 1346 / 106569. 27. S.  John Stewart, Rhenetra, Portree, Skye, Scot. /Scot. Band Sgt: 

Arthur Whitman. Pte, L/Cpl. 1347. 21. S.  Wm.Whitman, Paradise, N.S. /Can. Left at Sewell, sick.

Edwin Hossack. Pte, L/Cpl. 1348 / 106299. 27. S.  Mrs.E.Hossack, 43 Victoria Rd, Strand (Stroud?) Green, London. /Eng. Wounded Hooge June 2nd.

John Albert Napier. Cpl. 1349 / 106450. 24. S.  J.Napier, Reston, Man. /Can. Killed Somme Sept: 15th/16.                        http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem/Detail&casualty=589340

Donald Horncastle. Pte. 1350 / 106295. 23. S.  R.D.Horncastle, Victoria Ave. Hull, Eng. /Eng. To Signallers.

William Daniel MacLeod. Pte. 1351 / 106452. 30. S.  Wm.MacLeod, Rosehall, Invershin, Sutherlandshire. /Scot. Wounded Somme.

James Smallman. Cpl, F.Sergt. 1353 / 1422 / 106559. 44. M.  Mrs.Smallman, Souris, Man. /Eng. To Staff.

Frederick Coleman. Pte. 1354 / 1864. 25. S.  Mrs.Jane Coleman, 41 St. Catherine St. Hamilton, Ont. /Eng. deserted at Shorncliffe.

George Reith. Pte, F.Corpl. 1355 / 1899 / 106507. 23. S.  Jas.Reith, Turner Hall, Ellor, Aberdeenshire. /Scot. 7th BDG: Farr(ier).

Luther Everett Werry. Pte. 1356 / 1838. 24. S.  A.E.Werry, Crystal City, Man. /Can.

John Dick. Pte. 1357 / 1133 / 106193. 30. S.  David Dyke, Bridge End, Island of Islay, Scot. /Scot. Missing H.

George Miles Wolfe. Pte. 1358 / 1849 / 106636. 20. S.  Richard Wolfe, Hargrave, Man. /Can. Wounded Hooge.

Neil McCaulder. Pte. 1359 / 1613. 38. M.  Mrs.Nellie McCaulder, Saltcoats, Sask. /Can. Left at Base, Shorncliffe.

H.Cox. Pte. 1360 / 1526 / 106165. 28. S.  H.Cox, "Hiretta", Wapella, Sask. /Eng. Frederickton Junction, Sunbury County, New Brunswick. WND. Hooge, WND. Somme.

1361.  (over)

Thomas Boyes. Pte. 1915 / 106099. 21. S.  Joseph Boyes, Carnduff, Man. /Scot. Missing Hooge. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc001/258117a.gif&id_nbr=59023

Clement George Deighton. Pte. 1902 / 106190. 37. M.  Mrs.R.A.Deighton, Box 230, Boissevan, Man. /Eng. Killed Hooge Prisoner.

Arthur Sydney Carter. Pte. 106107. 22. S. Mrs.Carter, Normanby, Lincoln, Eng. /Eng. Hospital Shorncliffe.

Adam Walker. Pte. 106601. 36. S.  Ellen Walker, Westruther Gordon, Berwickshire, Scot. /Scot. Killed Hooge Prisoner.

Thomas Tannahill. Pte. 106585. 31. M.  Mrs.Tannahill, McLennan St, Kenning Park, Glasgow. /Scot.

Edward Osborne. Pte. 106470. 22. S.  Mrs.W.Tomlinson, "Ashwell", Oakham, Rutland, Eng. /Eng. Missing H.                  

Wilbur Louis Violette. Pte. 106598. 24. M.  Mrs.Violette, Brandon, Man. /Can. Struck off Strength.

James Allen. Pte. 106057. 29. S.  Mrs.Allen, Crown Lane, Horwich, Lancs, Eng. /Eng.

Stephen Charles Parnell. Pte. 106474. 32. M.  Mrs.Parnell, Box 336, Yorkton, Sask. /Eng. Sick, England.

Thomas Graham Robinson. Pte. 106520. 23. S.  Miss Robinson, c/o Mrs.Beattie, 30 Chatworth St, Hedgehill Dairy, Liverpool. /Eng. Wounded H.

Arthur Franklin. Pte. 106233. 22. S.  Mrs.A.Franklin, Uxbridge Rd, Rickmansworth, Herts. /Eng. Pay Office.

Orrin Julius Comstock. Pte. 106147. 19. S.  J.V.Comstock, Aneroid, Sask. /Can.

Roderick MacKay. Pte. 106432. 28. S.  Miss A.MacKay, 76 Jamieson St, Govern Hill, Glasgow. /Scot.

Norman Roney, Military Medal. Pte. 106533(23) 25. S.  W.Roney, Souris, Man. /Can. Wounded Hooge.

Louis John Engstram. Pte. 117014. 24. S.  Mrs.G.Moon, Cremona, Alta, Can. /Can. M(issing) Hooge.                

David Loudon. Pte. 106369. 34. S.  Mrs.D.Loudon, Bonnybank, Kennaway, Fife,Scot. /Scot.

Donald Finlayson. Pte. 106225. 30. S.  Miss Finlayson, Prince Albert, Sask. /Scot. Missing Hooge. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc003/324152a.gif&id_nbr=390823

John Mackay. Pte. 106431. 29. S.  Malcolm Mackay. 155 Stanley St, Kenning Park, Glasgow. /Scot.

Ernest J. Matthews. Pte. 106390(389). 19. S.  Arthur Matthews, Carnduff, Sask. /Can. Missing H. (P.O.W.) http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc010/491067a.gif&id_nbr=203507

James Reid. Pte. 106505. 22. S.  Mrs.Reid, Rothienorman, Aberdeenshire, Scot. /Scot. Missing H.

Andrew Reid. Pte. 106503. 26. S.  Mrs.Reid, Rothienorman, Aberdeenshire, Scot. /Scot. Missing H.                                


Charles Ernest Wicks. Pte. 106621. 25. S.  Wm.Bardwell, Crandall, P.O., Man. /Eng. Wounded H.

H.H.Robertson. Pte. 106517. 30. M.  Mrs.Nellie C.K.Robertson, 33 Old Gloucester St, Bloomsbury, London W.6. /Eng.

Edward Thomas Douglas Sewell. Pte. 106545. 20. S.  Edward Sewell, Willowview, Man. /Eng. Wounded Somme.

C.Douglas. Pte. 106202. 20. S.  Mrs.Melissa Douglas, Griswold, Man. /Can. Missing H.                                                   http://www.veterans.gc.ca/eng/sub.cfm?source=collections/virtualmem/Detail&casualty=1591839


Ex-Officers 1st C.M.R. Battalion Winnipeg, Man., Oct.21st, 1939.

The following letter and list give an insight into the lives and work of the returning survivors. Quite a few were marked "out" (meaning dead) by Chivers, and Walter (Maxfield) has added the same as time went on - one, Capt. Petherick, I know died in 1959 in Bude, Cornwall, so I'm presuming Walter was keeping up to date for his last trip to the Manitoba Club reunion in 1961). Guessing they didn't start reunions until 1930, if '39 was the 10th annual one. McLaws and Ross are listed as living in the beautiful Paris Building in Winnipeg. http://www.virtual.heritagewinnipeg.com/vignettes/window/more/151.htm

NORTHWOOD & CHIVERS ARCHITECTS. Telephone 97 733. G.W.Northwood, F.R.A.I.C.  C.W.U.Chivers, M.R.A.I.C. 406 Nanton Building, Winnipeg, Manitoba. October 23rd, 1939. http://archiseek.com/tag/northwood-chivers/

Major W.E.Maxfield, D.S.O., "Cambrai" 47 Roman Road, Salisbury, England.

Dear Sir:

The tenth annual Armistice Day Re-union of the ex-officers of the 1st C.M.R. Battalion will be held on the 11th day of November, 1939, at 12:30 p.m. at the Manitoba Club, Winnipeg.

Please write or telephone 97 733 not later than the 8th of November if you plan to attend.

Enclosed for your information is a list of ex-officers of the unit with their addresses. As it is possibly incomplete the writer would appreciate receiving any additions or amendments so that our records may be kept up to date.

If you are in the City please make an effort to attend.

Yours sincerely,

C.W.U. Chivers.


(and handwritten:) This keeps you up to date as to old members of the unit. We feel a little out of the war. While one Division is evidently leaving inside of two months. There seems little enthusiasm or desire on part of lads to join up. The spirit is with returned lads however, who would mostly like to be in it again. Good luck, and may the war be decisive & short.

Ex-Officers 1st C.M.R. Battalion Winnipeg, Man., Oct.21st, 1939.

Acheson, Major A.J. c/o Sherwin Williams Co. Winnipeg.

Aikins, Lieut-Col. G.H. (D.S.O.) 941 Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg.

Alexander, J.  Dropmore, Manitoba.

Andros, Lieut-Col. R.C. (D.S.O.)  Victoria, B.C.  out* Dead**

Bethune, Capt. J.  Dept. of Finance, Ottowa, Ont..

Beynon, Lieut. H.G. Ste. 8 Vesta Apts., Agnes St., Wpg.. http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=42613&interval=20&&PHPSESSID=bs6n3a52ntpfi26t751ghg41g1

Black, J.B. (M.C.)  address unknown  out*

Bloomfield, Major A.E. (E.D.,V.D.)  495 Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Bradbrooke, Major G.H. (M.C.)  Income Tax Office, Saskatoon, Sask..

Caswell, Major W.B. (M.C.)  Saskatoon, Sask..  out* Dead**

Chivers, Major C.W.U. (D.S.O.,M.C.)  c/o Northwood & Chivers, 406 Nanton Bldg., Winnipeg.                                                                                   http://www.mhs.mb.ca/docs/people/chivers_cwu.shtml

Churchward, S.G.  83 Evelyn Street, Ottowa, Ont..  http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=101126&interval=20&&PHPSESSID=339d8jihoe0e2dteht421t8hv2

Clarke, Major E.J. (M.C.)  1322 Beach Ave., Vancouver, B.C..

Clendening, Capt. C.A.  307 Power Building, Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Dingwall, W.H.  Kenora, Ontario.

Forsyth, W. (M.M.)  Brandon, Manitoba.

Foulds, R.H.  Ste. 18 Lee Crt., Winnipeg.

Freer, F.J.  (M.C.)  Ste. "G" Hugo Apartments, Winnipeg.

French, Major J.P. (D.S.O.)  29 Nelson St., Kingston, Ont.  out* Dead**  (John Poyntz French - see Boer War CMR)  http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.01-e.php?&id_nbr=397775&interval=20&&PHPSESSID=4ribtjdi76hdf4k6l3e154jnp7

Gayner, Percy (M.C.)  227 Cordova Street, Winnipeg.

Greer, Lieut. address unknown

Gunn, Capt. Cecil H. (M.C.)  15 Schultz Street, Winnipeg.

Henderson, Capt. J.D.  Winnipeg Supply & Fuel Co., 612 Boyd Bldg., Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Hewitson, Capt. J. (D.C.M.)  address unknown

Hinchey, R.S.  Regina, Saskatchewan.

                                                 - 2 -

Howell, Major A.B.  Dept. Games & Fisheries, Winnipeg.  out**

Inglis, W.  517 Goulding Street, Winnipeg.

Laws, Col. B. (D.S.O.,V.D.)  Lloydminster, Sask..  Dead**out**  http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gpc009/454838a.gif&id_nbr=521456

Laws, Gerald address unknown  out** Dead**

Mann, Colin  Neepawa, Manitoba.

Martin, Capt. W. (M.C.)  188 Chestnut Street, Winnipeg.

Mathieson, Capt. J.D. (M.C.,D.C.M.)  Stettler, Alberta.

Maxfield, Major W.E. (D.S.O.)(C.D.,V.D.**)  "Cambrai" 47 Roman Road, Salisbury, England.

McLaws, Capt. D.D. (M.C.)  702 Paris Building, Winnipeg.

Miles, Geo.E.  c/o National Cartage, Winnipeg.

Montague, Major F.F. (D.S.O.)  348 Main Street, Winnipeg.  out*

Moulden, J.D.  c/o Harry F. Moulden & Sons, 5th fl. 171 Market Street, Winnipeg.

Munro, Douglas  834 McMillan Avenue, Winnipeg.

Ney, Capt. F.A. (M.C.)  address unknown  RYE. SUSSEX.*

O'Regan, Capt. J.  (M.C.)  Yorkton, Saskatchewan  out** Dead**

Painter, Lieut.  Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Pascoe, Lieut-Col. A.W. (V.D.)  Post Office, Moose Jaw, Sask..

Paton, Major G.M.  200 Dromore Avenue, Winnipeg.  out*

Peachey, Roger (M.C.)  Provincial Police Dept., Victoria, B.C.

Petherwick (Petherick), Capt. A. (M.C.)  Bude, Cornwall, England.  out** Dead**

Pridham, Lieut-Col. E.A. (M.C.)  Land Titles Office, Winnipeg.

Richardson, Major H.R.  523 Rosedale Avenue, Winnipeg.

Roblin, Capt. W.L.  499 Wardlaw Avenue, Winnipeg.  out** Dead**

Ross, Major A.M.S.  411 Paris Building, Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Scott, George  Brandon, Manitoba.

Stayner, Major R.W.  National Trust Co. Ltd., Saskatoon, Sask..        5**

                                                                                                - 3 -

Stevenson, Col. H.I.  (D.S.O.,V.D.)  Dept. of Mines & Natural Resources, Legislative Bldg. Winnipeg.  out* Dead**  http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/databases/cef/001042-119.02-e.php?image_url=http://data2.archives.ca/cef/gat3/119053a.gif&id_nbr=251334

Stewart, Capt. Rev. T.Hudson (M.C.)  St. Johns, N.B.  out** Dead**

Stratton, Capt. D.P.  525 Somerset Bldg., Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Taylor, Lieut-Col. F.G.  (D.S.O.,V.D.)  Law Courts, Winnipeg.  out* Dead**

Watkins, W.S.  1250 Dominion Street, Winnipeg.

Weir, Geo.P. (M.C.)  c/o W.A.Weir, 500 Lombard Bldg., Winnipeg.

Williamson, Major D.  c/o The Hudson Paper Co. Ltd., Winnipeg.  Dead**

Wotherspoon, Capt. J.A. (M.C.)  c/o Anthes Foundry Limited Toronto, Ontario.

Wright, Chas.W.  696 Osborne Street, Winnipeg.

Young, Nelson  Seed Grain Branch, Dept. of Agriculture, Ottowa, Ont..

A KOPEC**  39 Addison Gdns London W14  Ministry of Nat: Labour Services 53 Brook Green London W.6

x  "out" means Dead

*  marked by Chivers, C.W.U.

** marked by Maxfield, W.E.

Missing from this list is: Major Frederick Palmer, Officer Commanding "C" Company 1st CMR - he was taken prisoner on 2nd June 1916, and later incarcerated at Gütersloh Offizierlager, (Commissioned Officers Camp - originally a sanatorium),  in the VII Army Corps District (Münster), Germany. Lieutenant Colonel Shaw was last seen with Major Palmer, organizing what remained of his battalion to make a last stand.
Palmer was born on 18th November 1868, and was farming in Virden, Manitoba when he attested at Saskatoon on 1st December 1915. He had been with the XII Manitoba Dragoons for 19 years (1896). Struck off strength: 6th March 1919.

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